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Prime Tutors, LLC was founded by Adam Vickter. Adam noticed that there was a lack of expert tutors for college students. Over time, through referrals, he and his team began working with middle, and high school students as well. He decided to create Prime Tutors in order to provide a streamlined service that understands the time sensitive nature and heavy workloads faced by today’s students.

As a graduate of UC Davis, with a degree in economics, Adam has since become an expert in helping students in a variety of subjects including business, management, marketing, math, statistics, finance, accounting, and writing. He has gathered a team of like-minded tutors to help students overcome their most difficult challenges in school.

Prime Tutors serves all areas of Los Angeles, providing tutors for every age and grade level. For students K-5, we focus on patience, support, and instilling responsibility while also building important skills like reading and math. For middle and high school students, Prime Tutors takes a more direct approach, guiding the student through difficult patches, while making sure they are up to speed on important skills. For college level students, we offer convenient and affordable instruction and assistance for nearly all courses.